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10 Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

November 08, 2017

Starting a new career in the insurance industry? Here are ten tips to help you jumpstart your career.

  • Dress more professionally! You will be taken more seriously and it will boost your confidence.
  • Don't sell products, provide solutions. Explain how you are offering something that will fix a current problem or one that may arise down the line. In order to do this, you must first listen to the customer and find out their needs, then provide the appropriate solutions.
  • Highlight and write important facts and numbers down, even say them aloud, this will help you reinforce the material.
  • Always be prepared with company and product literature or at the very least a business card. That way if your customer needs more time or has questions they can get in touch with you.
  • Find common ground with your prospective client. Ask questions, find a similarity. It will help you connect and build trust.
  • Leverage your company's experience. If your potential customer is concerned about your lack of experience, highlight the combined experience of your company. They aren't buying just from you but also from your company.
  • Follow the stock market. It will help you relate to a more mature and professional client base. You don't have to be an expert but being able to discuss some basics will help make you appear more experienced!
  • Focus on the benefits. Don't focus too much on product features and instead shift your focus to the benefits. Only a few features may appeal to your potential customer. Ask questions and identify their needs then explain the features that will satisfy those needs.
  • Set SMART goals for yourself. S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-relevant, and T-timed. So instead of saying your goal is to set more appointments it should be something like "I am going to set 15 appointments this week, 5 of which will result in a closing sale by the end of the month."
  • Learn something new! Set some time aside every day to work on improving and growing your sales knowledge. Read books or articles, listen to podcast or webinars. Make a conscious effort every day to learn something new in your field.