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How Hard is the Series 24 Exam?

February 28, 2024

Embarking on the Series 24 exam, known as the General Securities Principal Examination, is a pivotal step for those aspiring to supervise broker-dealer operations. Keep reading for insights into the difficulty of this exam, and tips to help you succeed. 



Is the Series 24 Hard? 

Yes, the Series 24 exam is considered challenging due to its comprehensive scope covering regulatory and supervisory aspects in the financial industry, requiring in-depth study and understanding to pass successfully. 

What is the Series 24 Pass Rate? 

Although there are no official pass rates published for Series 24, it’s considered very difficult compared to the prerequisite exams, reflecting its complexity and the comprehensive knowledge required to pass.  


What is the Series 24 Passing Score? 

To pass the Series 24 exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70%. 


Series 24 Topics 

The Series 24 exam includes 150 multiple-choice questions broken down into four parts (by job function). These topics include:  


  • Supervision of Registration of Broker-Dealer and Personnel Management Activities 
  • Supervision of General Broker-Dealer Activities 
  • Supervision of Retail and Institutional Customer-related Activities 
  • Supervision of Trading and Market Making Activities 
  • Supervision of Investment Banking and Research


Exam Tips and Study Guide for Series 24 Exam 

For success in the Series 24 exam, focus on a comprehensive study plan that includes a deep dive into regulatory policies and supervisory procedures. Utilize a variety of study materials like the ExamFX Series 24 training course, study guide, and practice exams, as well as the official FINRA Series 24 exam outline. These resources, combined with a structured study schedule, will greatly enhance your preparation.  


For more detailed strategies, read our blog post: How to Study for the Series 24 Exam.