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Is the Series 63 Exam Hard?

January 04, 2024

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Embarking on the Series 63 exam journey? Understanding its difficulty level is crucial. This comprehensive guide delves into how the Series 63 exam, a crucial step for financial professionals, varies in challenge based on your background and preparation, offering insights into its content, passing score, and effective study strategies to enhance your chances of success. 


Series 63 Exam Difficulty

The difficulty of the Series 63 exam can vary depending on an individual's background, experience, and preparation. Generally, it is considered a moderately challenging test, especially for those who are already familiar with financial regulations and practices. 


Individuals who have a good grasp of the subject matter or who invest time in thorough preparation can improve their chances of success. 

Series 63 Exam Passing Score

To pass the Series 63 exam, test takers will need to answer 43 of the 60 questions correctly. 


Series 63 Exam Topics

The Series 63 exam covers eight major topics:  

  • Regulation of Broker-Dealers  
  • Regulation of Broker-Dealer Agents 
  • Ethical Practices and Obligations  
  • Communication with Customers and Prospects  
  • Regulation of Securities and Issuers  
  • Regulation of Investment Advisers  
  • Regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives 
  • Remedies and Administrative Provisions 


How Long is the Series 63 Exam?

The Series 63 exam is timed. Test takers are allotted 75 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes for the exam. 


How Many Questions are on the Series 63 Exam?

The Series 63 examination consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. Of these questions, 60 will count towards an applicant’s final score while the remaining five are included for pretesting purposes. 


Series 63 Exam Prep

To increase the likelihood of success, it's advisable to utilize study materials, take practice exams, and familiarize oneself with the types of questions that will be on the test. Preparation is key to feeling confident and performing well on the Series 63 exam. 


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