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ExamFX expands securities offering through leading securities training provider, Training Consultants

April 30, 2024

After acquiring leading securities training provider Training Consultants, ExamFX now proudly exclusively offers Training Consultants' securities product portfolio. Training Consultants’ intuitive learning platform and comprehensive course catalog strengthen our ability to meet learners’ training needs in the financial services industry.  


Our ultimate goal is to merge our brands and products together seamlessly under In the meantime, our focus is to get the Training Consultants’ best-in-class securities content in the hands of more learners.  


As of May 1, 2024, will direct learners to to register for securities courses. 


Courses Available

For answers to frequently asked questions or how this might affect your course or organization, visit: ExamFX Expanded Securities Offering FAQ. 


Features and Benefits

Learners will enjoy an elevated learning platform alongside new course features.

  • Online book and physical book option*  
  • Larger exam question bank 
  • More terms in the flashcard bank 
  • Online glossary/acronyms 
  • Critical Facts: A helpful study tool summarizing key time periods and thresholds taught in the book and lectures.  
  • Interactive spot-check quizzes appear throughout lectures to help retain concepts and maintain learner attention. This helps ensure candidates focus on learning, not just turning on lectures while multitasking. 
  • On-demand professionally produced video-based lectures: Because the entire course is lecture-based, ExamFX teaches the material from start to finish- not just peppered in videos. You also have the option to view instruction at your own pace. 
  • Personalized programs for each candidate: Personalization including calendar and study schedule. 
  • Instructor support*
    • Online Support* for general questions or content support for learners working through the lectures or practice questions. Candidates may send in questions directly in the learning portal through the Dashboard Support feature and the Ask a Question features within the lecture and exam review screens. Guaranteed response times within 24 hours during the business week. 
    • 1-on-1 support with our seasoned trainers We are here to answer specific questions about course content.
    • 10+ years of average experience teaching the material, not just someone thumbing through a book for answers.
    • We offer 3-hour and 2-hour focus calls for specific courses. Also, we offer a 1 ½-hour Fundamentals Focus Calls for specific fundamental concepts in key subject areas. Focus Calls cover the more challenging areas in the program balanced with the most heavily tested areas on the exam. These are interactive courses, with practice questions, real-world examples, and Q&A  with the instructor. This helps provide a live classroom feel and structure that some learners enjoy. 

* These benefits do not apply to all study packages. You can log into your account to view all course features or ask your manager for more information. 



Managers will enjoy new features that help track candidates' progress and help them succeed easily.

  • Robust management reporting system and additional automated reporting tools. The most robust reporting and tracking in the industry. 
  • Log in to view real-time candidate progress. All data is live, so managers have full visibility in real-time. Managers may also see candidates’ last login and whether a candidate is logged in now. 
  • Alerts and Remediation Recommendations. We help you track whether your candidates are following study best practices with alerts and detailed coaching recommendations. Clear the alert when you have coached the candidate to remediate the behavior. Ensure that candidates are setting themselves up for success. 
  • Detailed Individual Exam Reports. Candidates and managers can see Individual Exam Reports detailing strong and weak areas by chapter section. This allows candidates to focus their review and strengthen any areas where they have gaps.  
  • Subscribe to Reports. Reports are sent directly to your email at the frequency you choose. Reports allow you to track individual and group progress from your inbox. 


We’re thrilled to be offering an even more comprehensive solution for insurance and securities licensing training, and the impact this will have on candidates looking to further their professional education.  


Read more about ExamFX’s acquisition of Training Consultants, a highly regarded securities training provider with 40 years of experience.