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Introducing the industry’s newest and most elevated insurance prelicensing experience: the Elite Learning Platform from ExamFX

March 04, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our enhanced insurance prelicensing product, the Elite Learning Platform with Elite Analytics. We are delighted to introduce new functionality, navigation, content, and design to both the candidate and manager experience. 


Our Elite Learning Platform and integrated manager tracking solution, Elite Analytics, have been thoughtfully designed with our customers in mind. These latest innovations are centered around customer feedback and were designed to consider the diverse needs of today’s candidates. 


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Why use the Elite Learning Platform?

More candidates are prepared to pass

Our course completion rates have increased by over 18%* on the Elite Learning platform. Candidates are even more engaged, which increases course retention and completion. 

More candidates are getting licensed

Candidates’ pass rates have increased by over 10%*. Candidates using the Elite Learning Platform are well-prepared and retain essential information, leading to higher exam pass rates.

Our content is always up to date

ExamFX's team of seasoned experts is committed to delivering the most relevant study materials that are aligned with ever-changing state rules and regulations


What makes the Elite Learning Platform unique?  

Easy and intuitive navigation  

Learners are guided along a well-organized path that simplifies the learning experience. Regulatory guidance is built into courses to ensure candidates understand the steps necessary to meet their state-specific requirements. 

  • Our easy-to-use interface allows learners to easily move through chapters, check their progress, view compliance requirements, and complete all required elements. 
  • The candidate's next steps are straightforward, they're directed where to go next aided by a helpful side navigation and course dashboard.
  • The new Resource Center provides study tips, a recommended study calendar, and more. 

Clear and concise content 

Content is organized into bite-sized segments, aiding focus, boosting retention, and increasing study time efficiency. Courses include: 

  • Expertly authored content, developed from the learner’s perspective. 
  • Content that aligns with exactly what is needed to pass the exam. 
  • Small sections that allow learners to stay engaged throughout their studies. 
  • Real-life scenarios are weaved into content, making material relevant to professionals.

Interactive and engaging content formats 

We provide multiple study materials to capture candidates’ attention in different ways. 



  • Our newly enhanced video functionality includes full transcripts, where learners can jump to or read specific content.
  • Using video transcripts, candidates can easily and quickly search for material they want to review.

Multiple testing modes and flexible practice exam settings 

Practice exams are the cornerstone of exam preparation. They’re essential to evaluating and documenting candidate exam readiness. The new Elite Learning Platform incorporates multiple assessment types, including: 

  • Chapter quizzes 
  • Practice exams 
  • Certification 
  • Readiness exams 

Enhanced Exams

Practice exams are provided in many comprehensive formats:

  • Learning Mode: Candidates can study the rationale behind each question to enhance overall exam comprehension. 
  • Exam Mode: Candidates can simulate the exam experience and review missed questions with explanations to be used to understand areas of further study needed to pass. 
  • Readiness Exam: This mode mimics the exam experience, and helps candidates gauge exam preparedness. 
  • Exams that require Certificates of Completion are located in a unique tab with clear instructions for access and completion, especially if proctoring is required.
  • If your score qualifies, a dynamically generated focus exam guides you through areas of content you answered incorrectly. 

Learning Mode and Exam Mode include options to pause, review, and save candidate progress. Candidates are set up for success with 24-hour access to missed questions and safeguards in place to limit exam memorization.  

Enhanced mobility for on-the-go study 

Candidates can learn from anywhere, including their mobile devices. Content is accessible whenever and wherever allowing them to manage their schedule more easily. 


Elite Analytics, a fully integrated solution for managers, provides insightful data from the Elite Learning Platform

Easily track candidate progress with Elite Analytics

Elite Analytics 

The ideal candidate tracking solution for managers, ExamFX’s Elite Analytics platform fully integrates learner data from the Elite Learning platform. Easily track important indicators for success: candidate progress, key exam averages, usage information, candidates’ exam readiness, and more. Managers can easily identify candidates most at risk and view detailed activity by date or activity type. 


Elite Analytics includes:     

  • At-a-glance homepage performance dashboard
  • Snapshot of all active candidates within a manager's profile 
    • Includes study progress, usage, key exam averages, certification status, assessment of overall readiness 
  • Exam scoresheets 
  • Detailed course progression information

Communicate seamlessly with learners when it counts the most

Managers can subscribe to candidate summary information via email delivered daily or weekly. Detailed student reporting includes daily activity and student progress. 


With Elite Analytics, managers can sort and filter by list to drill down into the specific candidate data needed. Emails can be sent to individuals or all candidates without ever leaving the platform, streamlining the communication process and helping to keep learners on track.



If you want to boost candidate completion and pass rates, ExamFX's Elite Learning Platform with Elite Analytics is the best choice. Dive deeper into the highlights and functionality of the new Elite Learning Platform, or get started now. 



*Data compiled using usage and survey data from the first 55,000 candidates completing courses in the ExamFX Elite Learning Platform.