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Elite Analytics™ - You've been waiting for this, and now it's here.

July 15, 2020

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ExamFX has launched an industry leading predictive candidate tracking platform we call Elite Analytics™. Clients partnering with ExamFX now have the power to achieve their recruitment goals and transform candidate success.


Elite Analytics™ allows managers to easily oversee and measure candidates’ progress and make valuable assessments throughout their journey. It delivers this by using data visualization, predictive modeling, and actionable insights. 


Data Visualization 

Data visualization is a form of visual art that allows our partners to understand and use complex data. Great data visualization makes your job easier. The aesthetics of Elite Analytics™ were designed by our enterprise level customer and user experience team. Working together with data science and product development, the team designed a best-in-class intuitive reporting platform that makes sense from the start. It’s easy. 


Predictive Modeling 

Elite Analytics™ creates a competitive advantage for our partners. Extracting historical, actual user datathe Elite Analytics™ platform models highly predictive benchmarks to measure candidate progressManagers have real-time visibility to all candidate’s progress: candidates on track for success and those who are at risk. It's smart. 


Actionable insights  

We not only provide you with data, we provide actionable insights. With a laser focus on remediation, Elite Analytics™ provides warnings for at-risk candidates, integrated candidate communications, and top-level and drill-down capabilitiesTiming is key – monitoring, assessing, and reaching out to candidates at the right time, in the right way, with the right insights will transform candidate success and ensure you achieve your recruitment goals. It works. 


The future is here. ExamFX's new industry leading tool will change the course of your success. Exceptional partners rely on insightful data. Partner with ExamFX and partner with the best. 


You can build exceptional teams with Elite Analytics™; to get started schedule a demo today