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How to Study for the Series 65 Exam

November 28, 2023

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The Series 65, also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, is a national exam that was created to qualify individuals for licensure as an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR). It is created and maintained by NASAA, the North America Securities Administrators Association, and is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The exam assesses the financial knowledge and skills of those who provide investment guidance to clients.


Studying for a standardized test like the Series 65 can be a daunting task. We’re here to help you navigate this important exam with tips on how to maximize your study time and increase your chances of success leading up to your test.

5 Tips on How to Prepare for the Series 65 Exam

1. Select the right study tool for your Series 65 Exam.

The foundation of your exam preparation is choosing the right study materials. A variety of options are available from traditional to interactive resources.


Take your learning style into account when picking out your study tools. Some may review better by reading while others appreciate having videos to look back on. At ExamFX, we offer a variety of packages to meet your studying needs. Browse our Series 65 exam preparation courses and study materials online.


2. Create a consistent studying schedule.

Consistency is a key factor to successful exam preparation. Incorporate your study sessions into your daily routine and stick to it as closely as possible. Blocking out dedicated time can help prevent you from falling into procrastination habits and ensures you have sufficient time to review all topics.


In addition, set up a schedule that is realistic and manageable. For example, if your evenings are meant for socializing, running errands, or organizing, try to schedule your study time in the morning.


3. Understand the concepts and language on the exam.

A wide range of topics are covered on the Series 65 exam including those related to investment advisory practices, laws and regulations, ethics, and more. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the concepts and the specific vocabulary associated with each one.


Divide up concepts throughout your study sessions, reviewing a few at a time to avoid being overloaded with information. Utilize additional resources if needed to ensure you’re understanding the underlying principles. While the goal is to pass the exam, this will also be useful in applying your knowledge to real-world scenarios.


4. Prioritize self-care outside of studying.

Preparing for an exam can be mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausting. As important as it is to study, it is also just as vital to prioritize self-care and your own well-being.


Make time for sufficient sleep, healthy meals and snacks, exercise, and also activities that you regularly enjoy. Neglecting these aspects of your life to make room for studying can be more detrimental than you’d think, leading to decreased focus and performance.


5. Test your knowledge with practice exams and other study materials.

The Series 65 exam can be difficult. Ensure you’re ready for exam day with practice questions beforehand. Setting up a dry run with practice exams and quizzes can help you gauge your understanding of the material and identify areas that need more review.


Many resources offer practice exams that mimic the format and difficulty of the Series 65 exam. Try to take these using the same constraints as test day meaning timed conditions in a quiet environment. Simulating this process will help you become familiar with testing and boost your confidence.


Review your answers following your practice and understand the reasoning for the correct answers. Use this insight when planning out future topics to review and tailor your study tools as needed.


We provide practice exams and a variety of other useful materials to ensure you’re ready for test day. Check them out below:

Our Best Advice on How to Pass the Series 65 Exam

Passing the Series 65 exam takes a balance of preparation, dedication, and strategic studying. By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to take the exam and also a step closer to your career goals. Good luck!