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Life and Health Insurance License and Career Outlook

December 01, 2023

Family meeting real-estate agent to buy new homeBuilding a career in the life and health insurance industry requires dedication and focus. The first step is to get properly licensed, which means demonstrating an understanding of insurance basics, policies, regulations, and ethical practices by passing the state licensing exam.

What Can You Do with a Life and Health Producer License?

A life and health insurance license authorizes you to sell insurance products to clients, including life insurance and annuities, as well as health coverages like medical expenses, long-term care, Medicare supplements, and disability income. These policies ensure financial security in the case of unexpected losses from death, illness, or disability.

Life and Health Insurance Career

Working in the insurance industry can be a rewarding career with plenty of opportunities. As an insurance producer, you help clients find the right coverages to meet their needs, offering protection against life’s uncertainties.

Life and Health Insurance Producer Compensation

The compensation for a life and health insurance producer can vary depending on factors such as experience, carrier, and the volume of business. Many carriers offer a starting salary to help newly licensed producers get established. After that, compensation consists of commissions paid on new and renewal business.

How to Get a Life and Health Producer License

The process for earning a life and health producer license usually involves taking a pre-licensing course and successfully passing the state licensing exam. Each state has its own set of requirements, so it’s important to research information specific to your state.

Life and Health Insurance Exam

The state life and health insurance exam tests basic knowledge to ensure those entering the industry have a thorough understanding of the products and services they will be providing. Take a closer look into the exam in our overview blog post.

How Many Questions Are on the Life and Health Insurance Exam?

Just like requirements for licensing differ between states, the composition and scoring of the life and health exam differ from state to state. You can review the specific requirements for each state using this resource on our website. On average, you can expect around 150 questions on your exam.

Life and Health Insurance Exam Preparation

Investing in comprehensive exam prep resources can make a big difference in your success on the exam.

ExamFX offers training that is tailored to the exam content outline for each state and is designed to reinforce your understanding and retention of insurance concepts and regulations. We are committed to making sure that you’re well prepared to pass on exam day.


ExamFX offers a variety of packages that fit your needs and study preferences. Check out the training options we offer candidates.


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