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Insurance Career Paths

January 29, 2024

insurance career paths

The insurance industry is a powerhouse employer in the U.S., offering 2.9 million jobs in everything from underwriting to customer service as of 2022. In this blog post, we’re diving into the many career paths in this sector. We’ll chat about the different types of insurance jobs, what you could earn, and how you can get your insurance license. 

Popular Careers in the Insurance Industry 

The insurance industry offers a diverse range of career paths. From underwriting, claims adjusting, and actuarial science to customer service and selling policies to individuals and businesses. This sector provides a unique blend of analytical, strategic, and interpersonal roles, catering to a wide array of skills and interests. 

Learn more about specific paths in the blog posts linked below: 

What Can I Do with an Insurance Producer License? 

As a licensed insurance producer, you can sell various insurance policies, such as life, health, auto, and property insurance, depending on your license type. This role involves advising clients on how to protect themselves against financial loss via suitable coverage options, submitting applications for coverage to insurance carriers, managing policy renewals, and assisting with claims. 


The scope of work can extend to working in agencies, brokerages, or as an independent agent, with opportunities for specialization in specific insurance fields or advancing into managerial and training roles within the industry.   


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The insurance industry offers a wide array of career paths, each catering to different aspects of risk management and financial protection. Some of the most popular insurance paths include: 

  • Life insurance 
  • Accident and health insurance 
  • Property and casualty insurances 
  • Personal lines insurance 
  • Limited lines insurance 
  • Adjusters 

How Much Do Insurance Agents Make? 

Insurance agents' earnings can vary widely. According to Indeed, the national average salary in the US for an insurance agent is $55,889 per year with a range between $25,761 and $121,252 per year. 

Income can differ based on factors such as the type of insurance sold, commission structures, experience, and geographic location. Agents specializing in areas like life insurance or commercial policies often earn higher incomes due to more complex products and potentially larger commissions on initial and renewal business. 

Studying for Your Insurance Licensing Exam 

Obtaining an insurance license requires a combination of dedicated study and passing a licensing exam. Earning an insurance license depends on state requirements and the type of insurance you wish to sell. The process involves: 

  • Completing prelicensing education courses: These online insurance training courses cover topics related to the specific insurance field, such as insurance policy product knowledge, regulatory compliance, and ethics. 
  • Registering for and passing the state licensing exam: The exam tests your knowledge of insurance principles, state laws, and specific product information. 
  • Applying to the state regulator and paying the licensing fee. 

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